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Okay fine, I'll answer them too..

"What is your purpose here?"
Here? Here as in earth, my purpose is to love, and to create things, and to bring beauty to the eyes of others, and to teach others the lessons I've learned.
Here as in the computer room, to mediate the boredom and loneliness that creeps into my soul as I spend hour after hour in silent and solitary thought.

"Could you live without television? OR, How would it effect your life if there suddenly wasn't tv anymore?"
I could live just fine without television, the loss of which would not effect my life in any profound way. The internet however... whoah..

"If you could be any person other than yourself, who would you be and why?"
If I could be any person other than myself I would probably choose to just be a woman for a while. No specific woman, just a woman. To see how it feels. To see the innermost of thoughts that never come out into the open.

If you could fight anyone (past/present/fiction) who would you fight, and why?
Hmm.. I think on this one I'd have to say something generic like Hitler. Though frankly I wouldn't want to just fight him. His pain would have to last longer. It would have to burn. It would have to break his mind and pierce his soul...
Okay, off subject so nevermind...

What would your perfect job be, and why?
Perfect job? Designing creative houses for very rich people. Thus I am a)being creative. b)creating lasting works. c)making money. Ya.

Today's later.
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