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If money was no object, who and where would you visit/travel to?

If money was absolutely no object....
Id take a trip around the US, in my truck, visiting everyone. irst I'd hit up The good ole southwest. Texas for Brian, Jeremy, Angie, Emily, Fergie and Luma. Arizona for Crow, Tink, Cristina and scott, Scott II, Megan and Meaghan. New Mexico for Alena, Elizabeth and vanessa. Then move up to colorado to see Katy and Katie. into the dakotas and wisconsin to see Crystal and Noel, jeremiah and ezekiel. into illinois and ohio for Tiffany and Natalie, Iowa for Jen down through tennessee and virginia to see Judy and Josh, georgie and florida for my family, back up through louisianna for antigone and josana. move up through the carolinas to see jenica and roseann. into the original 13 to see Rinnah, Cricket, Meg, Joanna, Melvin, Isaac, Chrissy, heather and heather. move back into the DC area for a hell of a long time with K8, then back up into New York for time with Crystal at school, to meet her friends, and to see Matt. then back to the West coast by way of the middling states to see the people back here, then see all my friends at home. with another stop in Texas and Arizona. and coming up from the south to see Kamay in Brolly and on up to the east bay. then move up a lil farther to see Ashleigh and Ashlinn, Natale and Megan P.

god i have a lot of money to raise.....
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