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Perfect job and why

i think my perfect job would be writing. I dont care how much i get paid, or dont get paid. I dont even care if it's enough to survive. I cant imagine anything more perfect than being able to write as a job. writing what i want to write, saying what i want to say, not having anyone to tell me that its silly, or unproffessional, or wrong. I would do anything on the side jsut to be able to write as a job and be comfortable with it.
because writing is already my life. it's my air, my water, my food and my dreams. It makes me happy no matter what im expressing, as long as its what i feel is true or right.
if i could write for ever, and i mean for ever, only expressing what i felt, only saying what i meant, only writing what is true to me, what is right, what is and never what is not in me, feeling good about it and knowing that i was making a difference, somewhere, to someone. that would be extacy.
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